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Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready Mixed concrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. Its strength and resilience allow it to help support the tallest of buildings, to the nicest of patios, or driveways. Concrete is everywhere in our daily lives, and can be used inside in many places you may not realize.

Common uses for concrete are garage floors, interior floors, porches, patios, driveways, side walks, the curbs in front of your home, all made of concrete. The basement floor of your house or condo, including the foundation your residence sits on, is concrete. If you have a pool, the pool bottom and sometime the whole pool is made of concrete. Then the coping around the pool, and pool deck and your outdoor living space, likely all concrete.

Outside the home bridges, some roads, airports and runways are made of concrete. Places we commonly visit such as warehouses, shopping malls, gas stations, and grocery stores can not exist without the use of concrete. What about arenas to watch our kids play hockey, or stadiums to watch your favorite team, or catch a concert. Here you will see the immense amount of concrete required to build such a structure.

What about our drinking water? It needs to be treated within water treatments plants, and those massive tanks are built of solid concrete and waste water treatment plants tanks are also built of the same.

So, from where we call home, to the water we drink, to the stores we visit, to the dams that control our water ways as we walk through the park, we are surrounded by concrete. No other product can offer such versatility, with efficient building speeds, and low cost of maintenance that exists today and has been around for centuries. It is cost a cost effective material that has a relatively long life with few maintenance requirements. It can be easily shaped and versatile, and is also non-combustible. Also due to its fast set times, it is efficient to use in construction, as well as increasing energy efficiency.


We sell landscape blocks for retaining walls, bunkers, parking lots, or other uses. The blocks measure 2 feet high, 2 feet deep, 4 feet wide.

We can load them onto your trailer or vehicle. They weigh approximately 2100 lbs each, with lifting hooks embedded into the top of the block. They interlock on the top and bottom and corner blocks are available.

Please call to confirm available quantities.

Super Base

A solid alternative to the best subgrade option possible for interlocking stone. Superbase, which is granular A gravel mixed with Portland cement, that is laid down on site to grade and compacted upon arrival. Water is sprinkled over top, accelerating the setup process. Once ready 3-7 days typically, you are ready to place your interlocking stones.

This material helps prevent the sagging or moving of interlocking stones typically seen where vehicle traffic is repetitive, or over time. This occurs as the sub-grade begins compressing and shift, causing the stone to follow. By making a solid base below that does not shift under normal passenger vehicle weight, and is not affected by water washing out materials below, you can be sure to have many more years of enjoyment and reduced maintenance for your project.

Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Concrete under ideal conditions is suitable to use for up to 120 minutes from the time of loading. Because this product is time sensitive material, our delivery radius is typically based on a 40–55 minute drive to your site.

Weather can affect these times and delivery radius, for example, a very hot day above 30 degrees with low humidity and wind will cause a reduction in the working time of the material. There are options such as delay setting admixtures, or concrete cooling, that can help extend this time and workability.

Please discuss with our team how we can accommodate your project to ensure you have quality concrete when it arrives.

Upgrade Your Concrete Performance and Durability

You may rightly regard concrete as one of the most durable, visually appealing, and most widely used building material in the world, and correctly so, but did you know that all concrete is not the same?

Concrete, as with many items, can have performance upgrades, allowing better workability during placement. This gives the contractor high performance concrete that places and finishes well, and with proper curing, gives the homeowner many long years of durability that you would expect from concrete.

So, let's look at some of the options, so you will be confident that you have made the right performance choices for your application.

Super Plasticizers and Water Reducers

When concrete is ordered from Dutch Brothers Ready Mix, all mixes are designed at a maximum 4-inch (100mm) slump. When we think of slump it refers to "how wet" the concrete is. No concrete mix is ever designed to exceed a four inch slump without upgrading to a mix using a super plasticizer. This is an admixture to increase slump, without using additional water, leading to a reduction in cracking, and an increase in strength and durability.

While some projects call for slumps of four-inch, flatwork such as driveways, patios and pool decks have improved performance because the concrete will be more liquid making it easier to place and finish. The addition of water decreases the mix design performance and strength. As a result the durability of the surface become weakened as it exceeds the mix design. Water evaporates during the curing process, leaving voids to cause failures, and additional water increases this problem. Using a plasticizer increases the performance of your concrete, and with proper placement and finishing, leaves you with a better, stronger, more durable product that can handle our climates, and you can enjoy year after year.


Limestone, an upgraded stone, is a product that we offer in all exposed flatwork concrete (ex. Driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks). This stone is harder than regular crushed stone, and can reduce popouts, and increase strengths compared to regular crushed stone. We offer this upgraded stone at no charge and is what is used in most exterior concrete. The next performance upgrade is hardstone.

Hard Stone

Concrete typically contains a crushed concrete stone. There are options for how hard of a stone you require for your project. Upgrading the stone increases the strength, and durability over time. Because softer stones can absorb water, and then freeze in the winter, this can cause pop-outs on the concrete surface. With a hard stone this densest rock will further help minimize failures later, and leave your concrete looking good for many years to come.

Reinforcing Fibers

Concrete has phenomenal compressive strength, meaning if the ground is stable, it can handle immense down force. However, concrete does not like to deflect or bend. Unstable ground or incorrect saw cutting after placement are a couple factors that will lead to cracking of the concrete slab. Curing and placement conditions can also favor plastic shrinkage cracking on the surface, or dry shrinkage cracking later.

The use of fibers is highly recommended for your project. From regular fiber mesh to help reduce shrinkage cracks on the surface, to structural fibers that replace the use and placement of steel reinforcement prior to pouring. These can be added to your concrete at the plant for the highest level of performance for your concrete. With many options to choose from, please ask us today how we can add concrete fibers for ultimate performance.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Concrete is made by mixing sand, stone, cement, slag and water. However not all mixes are equal, and some mixes can be stronger, or look cosmetically different to attain varieties in finishes.

For example, you could do an exposed aggregate finish using a 9.5 mm pea stone. This allows a small portion of the stone to show on the surface. The concrete is placed and finished as normal, and a special product is added to the surface, causing a few millimeters of the surface to delay its set time, while the rest of the slab cures. This is washed off the next day, exposing a beautiful decorative pebble finish. Ask your finisher today about this option.

Integral Concrete Colours

Concrete is grey when fresh and will fade to a lighter white when mature. While many projects are not tinted, concrete is no stranger to colours. It can come in a large variety of shades and colours to match the décor of your home, or to accent areas of your project. We only use integral colour, meaning it is mixed directly into the concrete at the time of loading, and not distributed onto the surface after, leaving you to have a uniform colour that lasts for many years.

Some examples of colour are patios and pool decks, sidewalks, and driveways. Also, consider making a beautiful accented colored boarder around your complimenting-colored patio. There are many options to increase the curb appeal, please ask your concrete finisher for options of using integral concrete colours.

Self-consolidating / Self-Leveling

Have you ever wondered how they can make concrete self level to be perfectly flat? Well, with self-consolidating concrete you can! This is typically used to level off floors, and for radiant heat on suspended floors. This concrete, due to the very high strength, is typically is covered with flooring or tile after the moisture has left the slab, upwards of 28 days. This concrete will self level as you pour and requires minimal prodding along the edges to break the surface tension and make it smooth from edge to edge.

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